10 Ideas To Deepen Relationships and Add Value In A Mastermind Group

I am a big believer in masterminds and thought I would share some insights I gleaned from the mastermind.

I participated this past week that Cynthia Kersey hosted for her charity the Unstoppable Foundation as a way of raising money. They help educate children in developing countries. It was facilitated by Jack Canfield and Jim Bunch who both did a fabulous job. Jay Abraham was the roving thought leader going from table to table to add value.

Speaking of Jay Abraham, I have a peer to peer thought leader mastermind with Jay Abraham , Jeff Hayzlett-Celebrity CMO, Publicity and Book Publishing experts Bill and Steve Harrison and Bob Beaudine, ?who according to Sports Illustrated, is the most influential person in sports that you have never heard of ?and some other amazing thought leaders. We have 3 spots left in the group, to see if you qualify and learn more check out Thought Leader Mastermind.

Here are some ideas I took away:

1) A simple exercise you can implement for almost any mastermind or an impromptu meeting of the minds. Share something that’s working in your business; ie, a business distinction, a win, or something you’ve changed in your business that’s now working. For example, email is no longer working for marketing so you switched to SMS and you went from a 1% open rate to a 90% open rate. If you do this with four to six other people it is very powerful, and if you have (in our case almost 40 people), you get great ideas from a lot of other people. As SANG member Joe Polish likes to say, it only takes one elegant idea implemented well to have a big payoff in your business.

2) If you have a speech that is getting results and a system that others can benefit from, see who else you can find that can teach your materials. Many times they will be past students who love you and your material.

3) Investing the time to get a webinar that converts and can deliver your message to a large number of people is a great ROI for you, especially if you can use the latest technology to automate the delivery so you don’t have to be there.

4) Who can you hire in your business for a performance basis? There are lots of great people available due to the economy.

5) How can you create a movement or have your message and what you do support become a movement? Perhaps you care about bullying: how can your products and services support some of the big bullying movements taking place with celebrities like Justin Bieber and Ellen DeGeneres?

6) Gaming is huge and only going to get bigger; is there a way you can”gamily” what you do?

7) If you are going to give away an hour of your time, put a value on it of, say, $500 or $1000, and have the people with whom you share you insights and advice donate money to charity if they received value. The charity wins and so does your prospect or client, and you raise money for a cause you care about.

8) How can you incorporate cause marketing into your business? People want to associate with companies that are making a difference.

9) How can you incorporate sponsors into your business? Which companies are trying to reach the market you serve?

10) Are you using your network wisely? Are you investing into the relationships that matter most? Most new hires are found through leveraging people’s networks. Are you asking the people who know you best to help you fill your most pressing HR needs? Are you compensating them for referring others to your company?

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