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  • The Power of Our Connected Community
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SANG: The Power of A Connected Community

The Power of Our Connected Community
As I've mentioned, SANG has evolved into a gathering where top business thought leaders from the worlds of media, entertainment, technology, environmental, cause marketing, publishing and new venture financing all take place at an impressive clip.
What makes SANG unique from any event you have ever been to is that everyone in the room is an A player, has value to share with each other, and is one of the best in the world at what they do, and is one of the most connected in their industry.
Ask yourself have you ever been in a room where everyone there wants to help you with what's important to you?
I go to more events then most people, and I know the the generosity and giving in the room is unparalled.  People like Jack Canfield and Jeff Hayzlett and Ken Kragen all exhibit the qualities, who are all successful, have all accomplished big things, and are very humble.
I believe the last SANG actually moved things forward in these and other areas in tangible ways. In sudden, rapid shifts.
Which got me wondering… What pushed that change? Why did it manifest itself so strongly?
Simple. Because of the power of the community we had gathered. And because we had learned to both push and inspire the possible connections therein.
The community-forward push we've seen happen in the compressed SANG environment makes it easy to see who and what we've become: one of the most powerful business communities in the world.  SANG has become one of the leading giving and socially conscious communities in the world and a community out in front of and driving change. Which is all pretty cool.
But I've been struggling… How can the individuals and businesses involved in SANG continue to nurture our community and foster action in the months between symposiums?
Broadly put: social media. But how? The SANG community includes some of the brightest people in the world of social and emerging media. People  like @SimonMainwaring and @BrianSolis, @MariSmith, @JeffreyHayzlett, and @JodeeRich of People Browser.
They understand the power and benefits of creating and listening to a community through social media.  They are people out in front and pushing change. Read on to find out how they'll create that change at SANG V, and how you can be a part of the discussion.

Get out in front of change.  Register for SANG V  today.

Greg Link and the Speed of Trust

IT ENDS TODAY! Room Discount for SANG V

If you haven't booked your hotel room for SANG V, please do so immediately. The room DISCOUNT ENDS TODAY! There are so many benefits to staying on-site during SANG - increased networking opportunities, ease of access to all event activities, and many more.
Dial the hotel directly at 1-800-266-9432 and request the SANG (‘Speakers & Authors Networking Group’) group block or you can click on this link to reserve your room


IT ENDS TODAY! Room Discount for SANG V

If you haven't booked your hotel room for SANG V, please do so immediately. The room DISCOUNT ENDS TODAY! There are so many benefits to staying on-site during SANG - increased networking opportunities, ease of access to all event activities, and many more.
Dial the hotel directly at 1-800-266-9432 and request the SANG (‘Speakers & Authors Networking Group’) group block or you can click on this link to reserve your room

SANG Social Media Panel Will Help You “Get It”
If you're like a lot of us, you “do” social media. You've got a Facebook page and a Twitter account. But do you really know the value of the community you're creating? If you're like I was even a few months ago, you don't. Not completely.
To help you better understand and show you how you can use social media we have assembled a powerhouse panel at the upcoming SANG V:
Adding Zeros: Scale via Social Media and Mobile- A SANG Panel
Jeff Hayzlett, Jeff Mesnik, Simon Mainwaring, Jodee Rich, Brian Solis.

These are some of the people who really get social and emerging media.  Guys who understand how important an active social community can in actually creating your brand and and increase your brand awareness.
At SANG V, these guys will lead a focused discussion on how your content, access and visibility through social media and mobile marketing will drive brand value. You'll hear tricks of the trade from some of the biggest users and producers of this technology that can help you take your business to the next level.
Here is are some articles from some of SANG’s social media experts I thought you might enjoy:
Join the social media panel discussion at SANG V.

How Happy Are You?


Recently I had a conversation with a someone who had it all, a high ranking position with amazing  perks that allowed access to things most people only dream about, yet this person wasn't happy.

I should have been shocked, but I wasn't.

The truth is I am someone who has hasn’t always been happy.

I have made and lost it financially 4 times before 40, and have been selectively outsourced from various jobs on 4 different occasions.
I was always chasing elusive happiness, heck I  battled depression on four different occassion, especially after  each time I had a major business setback.
I chased elusive happiness for years, even after accomplishing amazing things in the business world, I found myself not happy.
This year my number one goal above everything else is to be happy.

Today I have some great mentors on how to be happy.

Tony Hsieh CEO of ZAPPOS  best selling author of "Delivering Happiness."  If you want to see a company that is full of happy people take a trip to ZAPPOS sometime.

Another mentor on being happy is Chip Conley, The Best Selling author of PEAK and CEO of Joie de Vivre  the largest boutique hotel chain in California.  Check out his book “Peak: How Great Companies Get Their Mojo from Maslow

Another book that I recommend reading on Happiness is “Happy For No Reason” by   Marci Shimoff  who is also a member of SANG. 

Perhaps the person who has taught me the most though about being happy, is someone who I have watch up close and personal.
One of the most generous and happiest people I know is Paul Hoffman who I’ve had the good fortune of living with this past year.

Paul is the guy who has closed the SANG conference by singing an amazing song he has writer.  He is best known for the music from the Ford advertisement   “Have You Driven a Song Lately for Ford”

Paul will be sharing some unique observations at SANG: 

“The Science and Secrets of Happiness”
To Join Paul at SANG  Register Today.

I have learned there are some simple things one can do to be happy.
  • Meditate, focus on what you are most grateful for
  • Work out,
  • Listen to your favorite music,
  • Watch your favorite sports team-or a funny comedy
  • Hang out with good friends
  • Have Good Sex - (Dr Oz says those that have more sex live longer.  When your significant other says they aren’t in the mood, just tell them you want them to live a longer more vibrant life.  After all you are a giver, and it’s all about your partner… You are giver.)
Check out the free videos that Paul Hoffman and Paul Scheele have created.  Their system is elegantly powerful, scientifically based and will help you reach your goals without that swimming upstream feeling so many of us experience when we want to achieve more in our lives.  

Help me Help You

Help me Help You
  • That is my favorite line in one of my favorite movies.  Actually the real Jerry Maguire will be at SANG.  Leigh Steinberg the super-agent who in one NFL draft had 4 of the top 12 NFL picks and has raised millions for charities and he will be leading a panel on cause marketing makeover generator alongside some other iconic entrepreneurs,
  • Ken Kragen, co-creator of We Are the World, Executive Producer of Hands Across California, former manager of Lionel Richie and the Bee Gees,
  • Barbara Lazaroff who built the Wolfgang Puck empire, and
  • Jimmy Walker who oversees the Muhamad Ali Foundation Celebrity Fight Night will all be sharing their ideas on cause marketing.  I had more fun at Fight Night then I did at the Grammies, and that is saying something.
  • Speaking of cool events like the Grammies, we also have Branden Chapman the executive in charge of the Grammies who runs 50 events a year,
  • If you want to fill your event let Tamara Lowe share with you how they fill stadiums and attract Colin Powell, Rudy Giuliani and President Bush, and
  • If you want to learn how to get more leverage in your business and sell a 100,000 dollar mastermind without really selling check out Lisa Sasavich  and her ideas on how she sells out her events and makes millions all with 2 employee’s.
Who will be at SANG V

Put yourself one-table away from these and other rockstars: here are just a few of some of the people attending SANG.
  • How would your life and business be impacted by connecting and getting to know some of the people?  
  • How could the people on this list benefit from meeting you?
Join us on May 16th  and become part of this powerful community!
  • Guy Kawasaki, former Apple Chief Evangelist, best selling author of Enchantment and The Art of the Start
  • Marshall Goldsmith, the # 1 CEO Coach in America to Fortune 500 CEOs and senior executives
  • Jack Canfield, creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul
  • Kevin Harrington, star of ABC TV Shark Tank and infomerical king; he has done $4 billion in sales
  • Greg Link of Covey Link; built the Franklin Covey organization into the largest leadership training company in the world
  • Tim Kring, creator of Heroes, the fourth most downloaded TV show of all time
  • Jeff Hayzlett, bestselling author of The Mirror Test, former CMO of Kodak
  • Leigh Steinberg, sports agent (the movie Jerry Maguire was based on his life), bestselling author, has represented Troy Aikman and Steve Young
  • Fred Catona, runs the largest direct response radio company in America, built Priceline and into billion dollar businesses 
  • Dave Lindahl, author of Commercial Real Estate 101 with Donald Trump
  • Mark Ostrofsky, author of Get Rich Click, sold for $7 million
  • Tim Sanders, former Chief Solutions Officer at Yahoo and author of Love is the Killer App
  • Keith Ferrazzi, author of Never Eat Alone and Who’s Got Your Back and, according to Forbes, one of the most connected in the world
  • David Bach, author of Finish Rich, one of the country’s top financial thought leaders
  • Ken Kragen, co-creator of We Are the World, Executive Producer of Hands Across California, former manager of Lionel Richie and the Bee Gees
  • Frank Luntz, on Time Magazine’s list of 50 of America's Most Promising Leaders Aged 40 & under, the hottest pollster in America
  • Jodee Rich, billionaire Australian business mogul who owns People Browser social analytics for marketers like Kodak, Blackberry, Sony and SAP
  • Darren Hardy, publisher of Success Magazine
  • Gerhard Gschwandtner, publisher of Selling Power Magazine
  • Branden Chapman, executive in charge of producing  the Grammys
  • Brian Tracy, bestselling author, productivity expert
  • Mari Smith, social media expert, author of Facebook One Hour a Day
  • Sandra Yancey, founder of Ewomennetwork
  • Tamara Lowe, owner and CMO of Get Motivated, the largest live events seminar company in North America,
  • Robin Sharma, author of The Leader Who Had No Title
  • Bill Phillips, author of Body for Life, founder of EAS, largest donor to Make A Wish Foundation
  • Ellie Drake, founder of BraveHeart Woman
  • Richard “Skip” Bronson, Chairman of US Digital Gaming, real estate developer, board member of Starwood Resorts
  • Stuart Johnson, CEO of Success Media and Video Plus and owner of Success Magazine
  • Barbara Lazaroff, founder of Wolfgang Puck’s Spago, designer, philanthropist, author
  • Brad Sugars, entrepreneur, bestselling author, CEO of Action Coach International (the 16th fastest growing franchise rated by Entrepreneur Magazine)
  • Than Merrill, star of A&E’s Flip This House
  • Lisa Sasevich, author of The Invisible Close, runs her business with two employees and did north of $2.3 million in her last seminar; known for selling high-ticket mastermind groups of $100,000 and getting people to pay in full
  • Waldo Waldman, former fighter pilot and author of the national bestseller Never Fly Solo
  • Mark Sanborn, past president of the National Speakers Association
  • Brian Solis, social media expert , bestselling author of Engage
  • Bobbi Deporter,  CEO of SuperCamp, one of the leading academic summer camps in the US; teaches students life  skills in an  environment that cultivates self esteem and confidence
  • Simon Mainwaring, branding consultant, author, blogger and speaker, former worldwide creative director for Motorola at Ogilvy
  • Gary Chappell, CEO of Nightingale Conant
  • Randy Garn, National Entrepreneur of the Year, CEO and founder of Prosper Corporation
  • Roxanne Emmerich, bestselling author of Thank God It’s Monday and top expert in the banking field
  • Ryan Lee, one of the country’s top specialists in continuity income and recurring revenue membership sites
  • Gary Ryan Blair, “The Goals Guy”, author of Everything Counts, Fortune 500 executive coach (his last product launch did over $14 million with just two employees)
  • Ron Legrand, real estate investor and trainer
  • Gary Spirer, real estate investor who has done $500 million in deals
  • Mark Jenney, online marketing extraordinaire, philanthropist
If we missed your name-we apologize.

I look forward to seeing you in May!  If you haven't registered yet, go to the SANGV Event Website and get registered today!.

Warm Regards,

 ~ Larry

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Larry Benet, Co-Founder for SANG